Galleria Europa, Lungomare Europa n. 41 - Lido di Camaiore

Galleria EuropaThis expositive space was first used in 2004, and it immediately revealed itself as a useful opportunity for the culture of Camaiore, in the artistic field. The temporary exhibitions bring lots of tourism to the town. The space is run by the Sport and Culture Department that manages all of the space assignments, controls the staging and distmantling of the exhibitions, promotes the advertising materials, the invitations to the conferences. The annual exhibition calendar is usually ratified in January once a year.  The goal is to realise not only exhibitions of local artists, but to widen the field to regional and national artists too, in order to bring high quality tourism to the town, which perfectly connects to the marittime landscape of Lido di Camaiore.  
Those who are interested in using this space have to submit to the Culture Department-Galleria Europa their request, attach their artistic curriculum and a catalogue including all the works they want to show (see document section criteria).



Calendario Mostre Galleria Europa 2019
Periodo Artista
11/04 - 18/04 Roberta Bianchi
20/04 - 25/04 Balneari Lido di Camaiore
27/04 - 09/05 Associazione ASART
11/05 - 23/05 Benvenuto Saba
25/05 - 30/05 Mario Calogero
01/06 - 11/06 Renzo Greco
13/06 - 20/06 Consorzio di Promozione Turistica della Versilia
22/06 - 27/06 Catia Chicchi
29/06 - 17/07 Andrea Bartolucci
19/07 - 09/08 Marco Lodola
11/08 - 18/08 Associazione "I colori della pace"
20/08 - 08/09 Gianni Costa
10/09 - 18/09 Ferdinando Coppola
20/09 - 24/09 Gianfranco Bianchi
26/09 - 30/09 Maria Enrica Nardi
31/10 - 06/11 Francesca Pavesi
07/12 - 06/01/20 Ben Patterson
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