Comune di Camaiore

The museum will be opened during the holidays and during weekdays, and during important manifestations. The museum is open during the morning especially for schools. This building was built in 1936 in the Holy Sacrament Confraternity of Saint Micheal and Saint Vincent, as a gathering place and depositing place for furniture, paintings, vestments and holy furnishing from the XIV century to the XVI
It is currently  being rearranged and re-equipped through the extension of two new rooms for the exposition at the ground floor.
On this floor people can see wooden  sculptures, painted boards and elaborated jeweleries. On the first floor, inside the lounge dedicated to the confraternity, furnished with 700s stalls, we can admire a huge Flemish tapestry of 1516; inside the other halls there are several other paintings, wooden processional kit, decks meant for liturgies and holy silver furnishings made by the most important workshops during the 1700s in Lucca.
The exhibition opens up on the ground floor with a wooden XI century sculpture of Virgin Mary with her baby; some glazed casts from Siena and a cross from Saint Mary’s Church from the 1200s can also be seen on this floor. Some other crosses, a goblet, wooden  Saint Anthony and  a saint anguilla polyptych witness the strong artistic penetration which developed in the area between the last years of the Xiv century and the following decade.

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