This area, as the name suggests, is in the centre of Versilia and it consists of the peìark in viale Sergio Bernardini, the Farm complex, made of historical manors from the Rolandi-Ricci estate (also known as Benelli), liked to Mazzini park and the one in Via Medaglie d’Oro, which has a high environmental importance. This park system connects through boulevard bernardini until the arlecchino area and Castracani square.

Bussoladomani is an urban park situated in the same place as the previous establishment, to whom the project which implies the whole operation pays a fundemental tribute. The park measures about 75000 mq and it spreads out through viale bernardini, viale kennedy, via abetone and via monte pania. Via alighieri has been converted into an entrance to the park and into a service which assures the connection to the following area.
The arena is about  16000 mq, facing the sea without any kind of view blockage, and it can host up to 30000 spectators and maybe more.
In addiction to these interventions  there’ll be the realization of a dune system of 9000 mq
Functional to the slow fruition  of the park in the area which surrounds the whole arena.
All of this will be connected by a system made of inner tracks and paths facing Viale Kennedy, Via Montepania, and a new entrance called “Onda Lunga”.
Furthermore, through a analized study on the park’s plant life and through the plantation of new trees, “Bussola Domani” will add value to the natural heritage of this place and give harmony to the Apuane skyline.

Bussola Domani’s history
This structure was built in 1976 by Sergio Bernardini. Here lots of famous artist such as Barry White, Liza Minnelli, Frank Zappa, Renato Zero, Mike Oldfield, Joe Cocker, James Brown, Dionne Warwick Gilbert Bècaud, Rockets performed. But other Italian artists like Gianna Nannini, Alberto Fortis, Marco Ferrandini and Vasco Rossi performed here too. It is also said that Vasco first performed “Albachiara” under Bussola Domani’s hawning August 9th, 1979.
In 1978 the Italian singer Mina said goodbye to her career in music with a series of concerts here at Bussola Domani.


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