"Going back to the area above Lombrici, it was a fortification called La Penna, which is also a massive rock made by nature: [...]" (Bianco Bianchi, "Historie della Terra di Camaiore", 1528 - 1532).

Where: Camaiore – town of Metato

Where: XII – XIV centuries


The ruins of the castle are located near the Monte Penna (at an height of 490 meters), not far from the Monte Penna caves, placed on the eastern side of the mountain and already inhabited during the Eneolithic period. It was probably an outpost of the Montecastrese castle, which is not far.

The castle occupied a strategic position which ranged over the Versilia coast and allowed to control the underlying via Lombarda. The chronicler Bianco Bianchi also describes the presence of a tower.

The ruins, placed in a private area, belong to different housing structures enclosed by a wall whose traces can be seen below the summit. It remains a stretch of almost 60 m of the walls that enclosed the village; there are also the ruins of about 25 dwellings, completely identical to those of Montecastrese, as well as the millstone of the swinging type present in both castles.

It is not known that the castle was destroyed during the attack of the Lucchese army in 1223: a document from 1310 still testifies to its existence - at least as a village -, while we find no trace of it in the statement of 1346.

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