"[...] è Greppolungo in su uno scoglio massiccio, dove anco hoggi ne resta una torre mozza pure in dispregio della superba valle [...]" (Bianco Bianchi, "Historie della Terra di Camaiore", 1528 - 1532).

Where: Camaiore – town of Greppolungo

When: XII - XIII centuries


The small village of Greppolungo , located on a steep rocky spur, was the site of a castle erected by the noble family of Corvaia. In 1219 the castle became co-owned by the nobles of Vallecchia . The site is placed in a dominant position, which allowed to control the coast and the road that connected the plain of Camaiore with the mining area of Stazzema on which, most probably, Greppolungo exercised direct control.

On the southern side there are traces of the walls , which according to the estimative sources included the current town of Greppolungo, which is assumed built on the ruins of the buildings that made up the ancient nucleus of the castle.

The presence of a tower is evidenced by medieval documents, while the oral sources confirm its survival until the early XX century, when it was destroyed to build the current bell tower.

Such as the other castles of the area owned by the allies of Pisa, Greppolungo was destroyed in the year 1223 by the army of Lucca.

Greppolungo was reachable via the mule track that touched the town of Vado and the ancient Benedictine female monastery of San Martino di Gello. Another mule track started from Casoli and two routes connected Greppolungo to the nearby castle of Montebello.

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