The territory of Camaiore links lots of small villages, which first developed around the most important streets of the centre.
The historical centre is the core of the town, and it expands within the ancient medieval walls and the square where we can still find the town hall.
Capezzano is formed by 2 main habitated areas: the first one can be found along the regional road 439 Sarzanese Valdera (SRT 439), an important tuscan street which goes from Pietrasanta to Follonica, passing through the city of Lucca, the pisan hills and "Metallifere" hills, while the second one delevops around via italica which, from the historical centre, takes you to Lido di Camaiore.
Along via italica, we can also find another important commercial core which, with the one located along via del secco, forms the Natural Commercial Centre of Lido di Camaiore.
The combination of all the activities which operate along viale Colombo, lungomare Europa and other related areas, where you can breathe in the seaside atmosphere, are instead called C.C.N. Nuova Lido.

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