The town of Camaiore was given 3 important awards, which witness the caring of the Municipal Administration towards tourism and environmental themes, and the quality of the services offered by the operators in the tourism field: the Blue Flag, the Green Flag and the ACTITALIA Yellow Flag.
The first one of these is given considering many aspects (services, recycled waste and water quality), but while avoiding judging areas next to river mouths (like Fossa dell’Abate) or harbours. The award was given to Lido di Camaiore seaside resorts in 2016 as well, and, with a peculiar sense of responsibility, the Municipal Administration decided not to celebrate this happening with an official event, aware of the fact that there’s still a lot of work to do in this field, but still consigned it to the economic categories for their commitment. Along with this price there is also The Italian Pediatrist Green Flag, handed to the seaside resorts, which are more suitable for children, and the ACTITALIA Yellow Flag, which rewards the efforts made by the “Tourism Administration and Transports” and the hospitality of the “Tourism Campers”.

The Blue Flag is an international reward established in the European Environmental Year, given every year to 49 different European countries, even though it has been recently given to non-European countries, too, with the support and the participation of two different ONU associations: UNEP ( Unite Nations Environmental Program) and UNWTO (Unite Nations World-wide Tourism Organization), with whom the FEE has submitted a World-wide Partnership record, and identified by UNESCO as world-wide leader for the environmental and sustainable development education.
The Blue Flag is a voluntary eco-label assigned to tourism seaside resorts that respect the criteria related to the sustainable management of their territory.
The principal purpose of this program is to direct the management policy of a big amount of seaside resorts towards an environmental sustainability process.


Italian pediatricians are the ones to draw up this ranking, on the initiative of “OK-Salute” monthly magazine, which assigns green flags to the best Italian seaside establishments which are the most suitable for families with children (0-18 years old), based on pediatric indication.
First of all, the sandy shore has to be very wide, with enough outdistanced umbrellas and specialised structures for children.  A particular attention is given to the sand, which has to be fine enough, and has to descend softly into the sea, which is characterised by not-so-deep seabeds and clear water.
Furthermore, a prepared lifeguard squad has to be present by the shore all day long. A “green flag” resort has to own different structures dedicated to families: restaurants, pizzerias, ice- cream shops and playgrounds for the entertainment of both children and grownups. Facilities for adults are needed to, because, as doctors say, “When parents are fine, the kids are fine too.”
The filter used by the commission to decide which resorts to reward with the green flag was the one in which, thanks to equip facilities, parents could have fun whilst children could be safe, occupied in parks and safe specialised structures.

The A.C.T. Italia yellow flag is a quality reward assigned to Italian resorts, especially for the smaller ones located in the hinterland or by the coast, which are famous for their investment in hospitality and services dedicated to “Transport Tourism”. The ACTItalia National Federation, with its impartial judgement, gives this prestigious award to local communities  
Or to a different territorial organism, that show to kindly accept the “Tourism Camper” and that provide appropriate services and structures.







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