Where: Camaiore - località Gombitelli
When: Eneolithic Age

Buca del Corno (Horn Hole) is a natural cavity, with karst origins, which opens in the “Maiolica” limestone of the lower Cretaceous (600m above s.l.), just above the Passo del Lucese, in Gombitelli locality (between Camaiore and Lucca). This cave was reported by the Archaeological  Group of Camaiore and then excavated by the Civic Archaeological Museum of Camaiore.

You can enter this cavity through a big slot that delimits a well deep 12m. At the end of this there is a narrow aisle which divides 2 opposing rooms. Only the bigger one showed a filling as it was at a slightly lower altitude and it received the support of the aisle external materials. At the moment of the discovery the entrance was clogged by big limestone blocks, curbed by the archway. When these ones were removed it was possible the access to the cavity and the finding of outcropping human remains. It is probable that the access to the cave was a different entrance to the cavity, easier and more lineal, therefore it maybe probable that the buried were dropped from above.

The cavity returned the burials of 6 adults and at least 4 children, two copper daggers, an awl copper with double points and 16 tacks belonging to the handle of the two daggers. some lithic industry consisting of 20 arrowheads and other flint and jasper artifacts (picture). Among ornaments there are 32 elements of a marble necklace, 160 elements of Dentalium, 20 elements of a necklace obtained by gastropods or bivalve of aragonite, a vase of steatite situated in a dentalium, a perforated shell of Conus Mediterraneus and a pendant coming from a tooth of a pierced canid.

The findings were attributed to the Early  Copper Age.

The archeological materials are exposed at the Civic Archaeological Museum of Camaiore. The cavity is not accessible to the public

The inside of Buca del Corno
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