Where: Camaiore - Colle Le Banche

Period: Bronze Age (X - VIII sec. a.C.)

The term closet ("ripostiglio") indicates the collection of metal objects intetionally deposited in a hidden place.

The closet was discovered in 1979 during the tracing of a private road.

The closet is laid in the VIII century B.C., but it includes bronze objects which date back to the final Bronze Age (1100-1000 B.C.) and it was maybe related to the settlement of Valdicastello, which is close to it. The storage room of metal objects, as the one of Tecchiarella di Pariana (Lucca), consists of ornaments, instruments and weapons: some of these are new, some are broken and they are to be sold, repaired or melted. These closets must be the stock room of smelters or metal merchants and they were situated along itineraries next to mining sources. In this closet there are metal objects that recall the “protovillanoviana” culture (late Bronze Age) of the Central Italy, together with others similar to the ones of North Italy (band careened armils decorated with geometric patterns, typical of the Ligurian area).

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