"[...]è Peralla situata in monte assai alto alla radice dell'Alpe, nella quale valle nascono i migliori frutti di questo paese, e quella in quel tempo faceva uomini settecento da combattere[...]." (Bianco Bianchi, "Historie della Terra di Camaiore", 1528 - 1532).

Where: Camaiore – town of Pieve di Camaiore, place: Peralla

When: XIII century circa


Just above the inhabited area of the Pieve, at the tourist village of Peralla built in the 80s by the sculptor Fiore de Henriquez, the castle of Peralla was once located. We don't know who owned this castle, but on the basis of the estimates of the 14th century it is possible to assume that it fell under the influence of the lords of Montemagno.

There are still visible today some ruins, in particular two sections of the walls and some structures certainly datable to the XIII century and related to ancient houses of the castle. The historian and chronicler Bianco Bianchi, from Camaiore, testifies that the castle already existed in the 13th century.

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