Organization: Comune di Camaiore
Realization Date: from 12th to 16th August 2020 – 37° Edition
Event Duration: 5 days
Location: Historical Center of Camaiore
To get information: Tourism and sport Office - Comune di Camaiore
Tel. 0584 986312/204/211 - Fax 0584 986297 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Camaiore d'altri tempi - Follie di Ferragosto” is an event that takes its cue from the Liberty and Deco Period , with a recall, that, in Versilia, coincided with the beginning of the "Bagni di Mare"and with the arrival of the Galileo Chini’s caliber personalities. A step back in Belle Epoque with antiques, modeling, performances, lectures and music in the wake of the memory of “gold age” of Camaiore’s history .. In the month of August for five days over Mid-August, the historic center of Camaiore comes alive to give life to “Camaiore d'altri tempi - Follie di Ferragosto", with an exhibition of antique market, modern and vintage, which also has a special section dedicated to antique cars, motorcycles, bicycles and vespe, an appointment at the moment inrinunciabile of the Versilia’s summers.  To enrich the event there is an extensive program of  entertainment with music and theater, located on the different stages in the various squares of Camaiore, motorcycle rallies and “ciclopedalate”in “D’altri tempi” style.


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