Where: Camaiore – town of Monteggiori

When: XIII - XV centuries


The castle of Monteggiori occupied an area identifiable with the current town of Monteggiori, which develops east-west on an isolated hill.

The structure of the castle remains visible in the current urban layout.

The path followed by the walls is easy to understand by observing the layout of Monteggiori: parts of the walls on the northern slope are still visible, while most are incorporated into the walls of the current houses.

The cassero, which was placed on the most advanced spur towards the west, is visible in all its form and maintains a section of about 80 m, which follows the course of the base rock. Inside the keep was a big tower, with a square plan.

The only access to the castle of Monteggiori was constituted by a gate which still keeps its original shape intact.

Finally, in the center of the town you can see the piazzetta(arengo), a little square where the church, dedicated to Santo Stefano and already mentioned in 1206, is located.

No chronicle speaks of the destruction of the castle of Monteggiori , which in fact was allied in 1224 with the Municipality of Lucca, thus avoiding suffering siege and destruction. It is for this reason that many of the fortified structures have been preserved over time.

The castle passed into the hands of Castruccio Castracani in the 14th century, before becoming the property of Paolo Guinigi in 1406.

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